Gualala, California resident Harrison Goldberg is a familiar face along the Mendonoma coast. With his trademark tools of musical expression, his three saxophones: tenor, alto and soprano, Harrison can be seen and heard in several local venues as well as on a variety of CD recordings. He changes these three instruments as easily as one might change hats, which brings something to mind: As the grandson of a Russian immigrant hat maker in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Harrison has “worn a few hats of his own making,” including that of an abstract artist in the Dadaist tradition, a wine label designer, a writer of music education workshops, and a mentor for young musicians. He has his share of awards for his visual art pieces which have found their way into some corporate and private collections worldwide. Harrison is an alumnus of the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and he has been playing saxophone professionally since the age of 17.

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