In the selections below (click the images), Harrison’s music and visuals were created independently of each other but have been paired for your pleasure.

  • View:  Miro's Motorcycle
    Listen to:  Lavender Fog's Lunar Light Blues
  • View:  The Banquet In The City
    Listen to:  Neon Egypt's A Clockwork Sphinx
  • View:  When Our Land Was Joyful
    Listen to:  Neon Egypt's Night of the Lotus
  • View:  Red Bamboo, Red Geisha
    Listen to:  Neon Egypt's Allure
  • View:  Ballad
    Listen to:  Cloudfire's East-West
  • View:  City By A River
    Listen to:  Neon Egypt's Nejd
  • View:  Antiquus Doré
    Listen to:  Neon Egypt's Passage to Djibouti
  • View:  Great Barrier Reef
    Listen to:  Cloudfire's Airbourn
  • View:  Eos
    Listen to:  Lavender Fog's Galaxie Radio
  • View:  Three Views of a Waterfall
    Listen to:  Lavender Fog's Pythagorus Plays His Mighty Wurlitzer